How to Enhance Your Massage Experience

How to enhance a massage experience.

There are a number of things that you can do to enhance your massage experience.


A relaxing, peaceful and comfortable environment is essential in creating the proper massage experience.  Beginning with a pleasant location away from distractions, and continuing with things such as proper room lighting, soothing music, stimulating aromatic essential oils, and a comfortable table or massage chair, the whole experience can be enhanced.


If you are planning an evening with a sensual massage, make sure distractions are eliminated.  Go somewhere away from the kids, the loud neighbors or the city noises.  Go to a hotel, a place outside of the city or just away from the usual clamor.  If you are creating an environment for your clients, again, eliminate as many distractions as possible.  This type of environment is a great start to an enjoyable massage experience.


Choose a lighting that is calming.  Avoid bright lights that will be uncomfortable and distracting.  An extremely dark room can be either too relaxing or too daunting.  It can also make the masseur’s job a little more difficult.  Therefore, select a level of lighting that is not obtrusive, but creates a relaxing feeling.


When selecting appropriate music for a massage, stay away from the obvious more intense types of music such as rock, heavy metal, rap and even pop.  Choose soothing music such as classical, meditative guitar music, gentle nature sounds or comforting wind instrumental sounds.


Also known as volatile or ethereal oils, using essential oils in a massage is a great way to increase the therapeutic power of the experience.  A massage can have a compelling relaxing or stimulating effect, depending on the particular oils selected and the strokes used by the masseur.  Research the sizeable variety of essential oils that are available and what benefits they provide.


So much of enhancing the massage experience is tied to the comfort of the massage chair or table.  If you are buying a massage chair, make sure that it is well padded and has multiple adjustable positions to accommodate different users. If you are purchasing a massage table, make sure that it is sturdy and is large enough so that clients are comfortably positioned on it.  The table should also be properly padded with an adjustable padded head ring for added comfort.  Before each massage, be sure to wipe down, sanitize and eliminate any lingering body odors that might exist.